Relevant Marketing Solutions offers world-class videography services. Let’s face it; video is the number one consumed content online for a reason. But, that does not mean that all video is created equal! Story is the number one component that makes or breaks even a professionally shot video. Thankfully, you are in good hands with us. We are not only expert videographers, and we’re expert storytellers as well. Check out some of our recent work and see what you think.

When Quality Group of Companies wanted a clever video to promote a chair giveaway, we took it as an opportunity to flex our creative muscle. The result is this light-hearted look into the daily struggle of owning a poor quality office chair and the lengths we would like to go to get a new one.

Looking to lease a building that would house a small army? QGC did! So, we created this video to promote the facility to brokers and agents across the country. The result? The property is fully leased for the next 15 years. Take a look, you’ll see why.

Need high action with impact to promote your company in a professional soccer arena? Mark One Electric did. We created a piece that would compete with all the other eye candy meant to draw your attention… like hot dogs and nachos! Mission accomplished!

How about a straight-up rock-solid testimonial video complete with a full home walk-through? Yes, we do those too. Check out what we did for Mack Colt Luxury Home Builder.